About us

Welcome at M18!

We are described as a company that combines the best of both worlds: the professional approach of a large corporation with the flexibility and human touch of an SME.
For twenty years we have had an impact on companies and people. We fill both temporary and permanent positions, and work with both young entrepreneurial candidates with a few years of experience as well as with experienced leaders in Sales, Marketing, Operations & General Management, Human Resources and Procurement.
Nothing is more important to us than mutual respect, professionalism and determination. It is our goal to find the right candidates that fit within the organizations of our clients. This goes beyond the search for a match based on experiences and competences. It is about finding a real fit based on attitudes and values. This is who we are and what drives us!

Our building blocks


We do thorough follow-up. With clear feedback you are always up-to-date.


With our extensive market knowledge and analyses we'll do everything to find the ideal solution: the perfect match between client and candidate.


Efficiency turns into effectiveness when using a goal-oriented approach.

Team spirit

Collaboration is one of our core values that we apply both internally and externally. We work as a team with clients and candidates, as well as within M18 to achieve a satisfactory result together.


Transparent and clear communication ensures optimal interaction and collaboration.


We are all humans beings which is why we strongly believe in a respectful and personal approach. This creates a relationship of trust and loyalty, which results in a network that continuously grows.

Our specialities

Sales & Marketing

General- and Operations Management

Human Resources