Vivian Sajet

I entered the recruitment process during a unique period, March 2020, the Covid-19 crisis. All interviews were done in a special manner, through video. At the start I wondered ‘what will happen? Will there be a connection?’… Whilst actually it all went very well.  

The first interview was with Vivian Sajet from M18, who prepared me well about what Schindler is about, what they represent and what I could expect. Then I was presented to- and interviewed by Wendy Van Dijck, HR Director, and afterwards by Yves Richardet, Existing Installations Director and (now) my N+1 and finally by Christian Waldner, the CEO. I experienced the interviews both challenging and pleasant.. What I liked the most about the entire process is that both Vivian from M18 and Wendy, Yves and Christian from Schindler were very transparent. There was no hidden agenda and both the pros and definitely also the challenges were clearly addressed.  

I was convinced of the match: in the past I enjoyed leading various after-sales teams with many technicians and in my previous role I mainly had commercial responsibilities. As Branch Manager I am now combining both!  

Praise to you, Vivian and M18, to take the role as assessor and meanwhile as trusted advisor and intermediate. And for keeping a good pace during the entire process with continuous feedback loops. I much appreciated receiving regular updates, even when there was no concrete answer yet. My customer journey was excellent! 

Upon acceptance of the Schindler offer, I served a 6 weeks’ notice with my (now) previous employer. This gave me some mixed feelings: on the one hand I was eager to start my new challenge whilst I was also driven to finish my existing job and prepare my successor in a correct and constructive manner. I gave more than 100% until the very last day.  

Then the onboarding began, during these special times of Covid-19,  with many people working from home. Although to date I have not yet seen the office fully occupied, Schindler did take care that that I could talk to all relevant persons face-to-face whilst securing all sanitary measures. My onboarding started with an extensive introduction program and I took books full of digital-notes. When one starts somewhere there’s always a risk to immediately go ‘down-under’ in work and then “forget” to onboard. At Schindler I actually got the opportunity to do the onboarding very well. Only after 2-3 weeks I moved to the Zwijndrecht office, where I´m actually based.   

Today I am exactly 3 months at Schindler. It is going well, I discovered that the challenges that I heard from all of you (at Schindler and M18) are true and were accurately described. My manager Yves is great in coaching and accompanying me, gives me the right autonomy and doesn´t immediately push me too hard on output, which give me the opportunity to find my own way in the complex new environment that I’m operating in.  

Regarding the future: During the hiring process, by means of a dedicated interview at regional level Schindler also wanted to get an initial assessment about my ambition and potential to further grow within the company….  

Finally some feedback for you, Vivian, at M18. Your accompaniment of me as candidate was very professional, you reacted quickly, were honest in what you told me and you were also a real ambassador for Schindler. At the same time you gave me advise, and due to the conversations that we have had I trusted you and felt comfortable to consult with you during negotiations. And as last note, it is nice that in the meantime I have been able to interact with M18 as a partner for the recruitment of one of my Team Leaders as well.  

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Vivian Sajet
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